I'm in love with my Husband, who still takes my breath away when he walks into the room. I am called Wife, Mother of two, sister to two, and an in-law to many. I am a follower of Jesus, and not afraid to screw up. Obsessed with grace and striving to give abundant mercy. I am outrageously hilarious often with ridiculously bad timing. A giver of stories, lover of people. I live for late nights, 50mm 1.4 shots, cold pizza, long talks in coffee shops and sleeping in. Giggle endlessly. Bedazzled with fun colors and painfully sexy shoes. Addicted to Italian food, eater of sushi. Melts instantly with the smells of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Seeks cozy warm blankets and soft couches. Falling endlessly deeper and deeper in love with photography. Always on the hunt for rich colors, wet paint, cracked glass, fun textures and different fabrics. Can't imagine TV without rewind and fast forward. I am a quiet stalker of 1000 blogs and addicted to my boys.

So please, sit back with a big cup of coffee (the more cream and sugar the better I say) and take a look at some of the stories I have had the privilege of telling and if you like what you see feel free to call anytime cause I love making new friends.


Huntington Beach, Lugbill family- Love Multiplied

Love is Multiplied!! I had the privilege of capturing Kristin and Jeremy Lugbill’s maternity session to welcome their little bundle of joy into the world. Not only is Kristin so kind, giving, full of positivity… She is also my good friend! And I am honored to be living, loving and raising our little ones together. Here is their Sunny super sweet session in Seal Beach, Ca. Whoa say that 10 times fast.

Without further a du

Thank you for the honor of capturing your family photos. I cannot wait to see your little addition.

Huntington Beach, Lugbill family – Sneak Peak

Lila is a Big Sister!! Here is a little sneak peak to the beautiful and sweet Lugbill family Maternity session.

Anaheim, Dave and Kelly= couple session

I always say that it takes time to get an image with a natural look. The three of us spending time to get to know one another. Time to relax and let go of the gitters from someone sticking a camera in your face. Time. So you two can look at each other the way you do when… he takes your breath away.

Here are a few of my favorite images from spending time with

Many blessing in your marriage.

Anaheim, Dave and Kelly= Married

Now that I’m a parent the walk “down the aisle” takes a new perspective. I first walked down the aisle as a Bride walking towards her Groom. My next walk down the aisle with be giving my own child away… To the beginning of their family. I think that’s why this photograph of Kelly’s Dad giving her way truly touched me. This is his last words to her before she becomes a wife. These are words only to be shared with each other. The Love of a Father and his Daughter. He’s giving her away to the one she has chosen. This moment I believe is the 3rd most powerful moment of the wedding ceremony. The 1st is when the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time which happens just moments after this image. And the 2nd is that look to each other before they embrace and kiss as Man and Wife. I feel honored to capture weddings for a living. I never take for granted the trust that has been given to me. These moments are priceless.

Here are a few of my favorite images from Dave and Kelly’s wedding celebrations. I was so thankful to capture these moments with Natalie.

Anaheim, Dave and Kelly= sneak peak

Here is to beginnings. The newness. The start. Remember to embrace often. Smile longer. Love passionately. Dream deeper. And Grow stronger… all together. A little sneak peak into my favorites from Dave and Kelly’s wedding.

Happy Valentines Day